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Keeping our readers up to date on the latest Irish events in LA
The 2010 Los Angeles Irish Film Festival...
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Gary Hetzler celebrates his new Irish citizenship, gained just in time to allow him to vote in the general election... An American in Ireland

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Ita Marguet outlines the part played in the International Labour Organization by Waterford man Edward Phelan who was its fourth Director-General.  Read more>>  
Babies in Carlow and Tyrone make a speedy appearance, officials in Longford and Louth are doing their bit in the recession, and a man tells a story of piracy - off the coast of Wexford.
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This week the Irish Immigration Center in Boston stresses the importance of being entirely truthful in answering all questions from USCIS.
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Weekly Newsletter Issue No. 1,305PDF, Text
Thank you and goodbye; To vote or not to vote; Getting out while the going is good; Murder suspect’s body found; Search for lost fishermen to be wound down.....

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BookView Ireland Monthly Newsletters
After 13 years and more than 1,500 hundred reviews, this will be my last edition of BookView Ireland. However, although there will be a slight hiatus, it does not signal the end of our monthly book review. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the publishers and writers who have kept me supplied with a steady stream of material, and all those readers who offered feedback on the reviews.  Pauline Ferrie

Irish Jobs this Week

Job Vacancies: Engineers
Process Engineers, Process Engineers, Yield Engineers, Test Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Silicon Design and Validation Engineers, Software Design Engineers, Embedded Software Engineers, Intel Architecture (IA) Software Developers, Digital IC Design Engineers, Software Technical Marketing Engineers...

Job Vacancies
Micro-fluidics Engineer / Research Scientist, Assay Development Scientist, Hardware Design Engineer, DSP/FPGA Design Engineer...

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