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Thursday, 11 March 2004
The news was of course dominated by St Patrick's Day, with the Taoiseach meeting President Bush as one of the highlights. The Goodman beef group was at the centre of a controversy, but this was minor compared to what was to come. Ryanair lost £3m in 1988 and abandoned two routes where it was in direct competition with Aer Lingus. The RUC's alleged to shoot-to-kill policy, the Gibraltar Three and another four violent deaths in the North were all major news stories.


March 19, 1989 THE IRISH EMIGRANT Issue No.111


Editor: Liam Ferrie Circulation: 444


Another political row was about to dominate the news when St. Patrick's Day caught up with us. News of parades and related activities from home and abroad took over the headlines. However the good spirits that go with the National feast day were lost on some, and another four people died violently in the North.


As I said in my note to you on Friday, the weather was perfect for the parades which took place in every city, town and village in the country. Most of the big parades, including the one in Kiltimagh(!), had their American contingent. Here in Galway we had two groups of Philadelphia Mummers. One known as the Jokers, must have presented some airline with a problem in loading lavish costumes into a plane hold. The other was the Avalon String Band who wore caricatures of Scottish dress but were good, enter- taining musicians at the same time. They appeared on stage at the top of Eyre Square after the parade was over. On stage after them was a group of traditional musicians. I did not recognise the eight or nine young people who made up the group but they played some very lively music.

An estimated 300,000 watched the parade in Dublin. 6,000 participated but there were few celebrities on the viewing platform as they were all abroad.

As usual the two main news bulletins on Friday evening were primarily devoted to showing brief highlights of the parades from various centres. There is a slight difference these days in that the ones that do not make the 6:00pm news are shown on the 9:00pm news. In earlier years these would have been shown on the news the following night. RTE seems to have overcome all the problems it had in getting video material from the remoter parts of the country.

On Thursday night Bibi Baskin's programme came from Boston as planned. She interviewed a number of emigrants and some Irish Americans including one prominent politician (? Bulger). Seamus Connolly was one of the musicians providing the entertainment.

Friday's traditional entertainment was broadcast on the Late Late Show but to provide a bit of authenticity, an outside broadcast unit was in the Quays bar in Galway.

The show with the best music was broadcast by Ulster Television. It was carried by RTE on Saturday night. It provided a link up between Bushmills and New York. Among those appearing were the Chieftains, the Fureys, Liam Clancy, Niall Tobin, Pete Seeger and Richard Harris.


New York had excellent weather for its 228th parade also. On the reviewing platform were Albert Reynolds, the Lord Mayor of Dublin Ben Briscoe, the Irish Ambassador Padraic McKernan and the chief of the IDA Padraig White.

It was bitterly cold in Chicago where 250,000 watched 40,000 marchers. There was no official representative of the Irish Government at this parade other than the local Consul. I suppose we do not have enough Government Ministers to go round.

Up in Ottawa Brian Lenihan was the Grand Marshal of the parade. He invited the Canadian Prime Minister to visit Ireland and the invitation has been accepted.

In Washington, the Taoiseach met President Bush. They discussed the difficulties faced by illegal (or as we are now advised, undocumented) Irish immigrants, and changes in US tax law which might affect US multi-nationals in Ireland. Afterwards he expressed confidence that the Kennedy-Simpson Bill would be passed and many more visas would become available. While in Washington, Mr Haughey visited a medical specialist for a check-up after his recent respiratory illness.

While all this was happening, about eight undocumented Irish immigrants were arrested in New England. Four young men who were arrested on a building site in Hanover, New Hampshire, arrived at Shannon to extensive publicity. The four were allowed to return voluntarily and were not actually deported, so they may be allowed to return some day.

Zurich is an unlikely place for a large gathering of Irish but I heard that 500 were getting together for a formal dinner on Friday night. And, in a place where there are even fewer Irish, Russian television marked the day with a two hour documentary on Dublin


The arguments about the Thurles sugar factory appear to have subsided and the accusations about fraud in the beef industry have continued at higher pitch.

On Tuesday Barry Desmond, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, renewed his attacks on the Goodman group of companies. He again confined his remarks to within the Dail. This time he was more specific, saying that the company had been fined in excess of £1m by the Department of Agriculture early this year. The offences, he said, were the inaccurate claims for refunds and fees. When he returned to this subject the following day the Taoiseach was quite upset; or maybe even incensed. He denied the accusations and in turn accused Desmond of trying to damage the entire Irish agri-business sector and of putting thousands of jobs at risk.

Minister for Agriculture Michael O'Kennedy later said normal investigations had taken place within the Goodman group and nothing untoward was found. He actually said more than that but I am not going to type it all in. In essence he played down the suggestion that the company had been fined. A spokesman for the Goodman Group claimed this vindicated the company and refuted 99% of the allegations made in the Dail. He went on to say that a sub-contracting firm working in the company's premises had breached some regulations and as a result the contract was terminated immediately.

There were further accusations and I eventually got confused but it seems that the Department might be withholding in excess of £1m because of the activities of the sub-contractor. There is supposed to be a court case pending between the Goodman Group and the sub-contractor. This looks like another case of Michael O'Kennedy not telling the whole truth.


The RUC "shoot-to-kill" controversy and the Gibraltar killings were both back in the news.

On Monday and Tuesday, twenty RUC officers appeared before a disciplinary board and after two days deliberation eighteen were reprimanded, one cautioned and charges against the remaining one were dropped. We were not told precisely what charges the officers faced but they had something to do with the shooting of six unarmed men back in 1982.

Nationalist politicians were most unhappy with this outcome. Seamus Mallon suggested that the British were prepared to ignore the rule of law when it suited. Unionists on the other hand said that mistakes were bound to occur and those responsible should not be treated too harshly.

The Spanish authorities conferred some sort of honour on the police officers who shadowed the three members of the IRA who were shot in Gibraltar. Soon after this a leading Spanish police officer, who is also head of the police union, said that he had been asked by the officers concerned to make it clear that they had shadowed the three to the border, identified them to the British and informed the British that they were unarmed and did not have a bomb. This contradicted the evidence at the Gibraltar inquest, where no Spanish police officer was available to give evidence. The British Government flatly denied the claims of the Spanish policemen.


The independent airline Ryanair has reported a loss of just over £3m for the year to the end of December. The company's chief executive said that mistakes had been made but these had now been corrected. The main mistake Ryanair appears to have made is going into direct competition with Aer Lingus. This was done on the Dublin-Glasgow and Dublin-Manchester routes. Aer Lingus has these routes to itself again. The company was also losing money on the Knock-Dublin service and has withdrawn this.

The Ryan family which owns most of the shares in the airline has made an additional £6m in capital available and the company is expected to return to profit this year.

Aer Lingus has announced that it will take over the Knock-Dublin service.

> > > > > > > > B I T S A N D P I E C E S < < < < < < < <

- Des Byrne, the Chief Executive of The Irish Life Building Society, accompanied by the society's manager in Galway, Joe Joyce, will be setting up office in the Boston area for a few days. They hope to encourage you to save some of your riches back here in Ireland but will also give advice on the services available from the ILBS. From Tuesday, March 28 until Saturday, April 1, they will be available at the Suisse Chalet, Morrissey Boulevard, Dorchester. They can also be contacted by phone at 617-969-7711. They might be good people to get to know if you are planning to come home for good some time.

- When I remember I try not to report rumours but I think it worth mentioning that last week's Sunday Independent claimed that the Ford Motor Company is planning to site a car components plant in Cork which will employ 1,600. According to the Irish Times, political sources in Cork were adamant that top Ford executives met with the Minister for Industry and Commerce and IDA officials in Dublin during the previous week. They also said that Ireland was only one of a number of possible sites in Europe. The IDA had no comment to make on the matter.

- Last Monday's Irish Times carried a feature on Home Holidays. Whether you like it or not I am going to quote the first sentence of one article: "Two Australian friends, who bask in the privilege of being able to pack up their jobs in Sydney for a year to travel the world, declared after coming to Ireland that Donegal was THE most unforgettable place on earth".

- The High Court has given four farmers leave to seek a judicial review of An Bord Pleanala's decision to grant planning permission to Merrill Dow. The protest group, of which the farmers are members, has said that it will fight this planning decision "to the last ditch".

- Students at Trinity College conducted a survey on the car parking habits of Dublin drivers. Of 10,600 cars parked on Dublin streets during the survey period, 51% were illegally parked. Of these 0.75% carried a parking ticket. I have no doubt a survey of Galway would provide similar results.

- RTE reported a profit of £5.5m in 1988. The company was delighted with this even if it was down from £6.7m in the previous year. A number of reasons were given for the drop in earnings, one being the fact that the station showed a significant increase in producing its own programmes.

- A bank raider was jailed for almost nine years after being identified from a video. Although wearing glasses and a false nose when the raid took place, the bank porter recognised him as a frequent visitor to the bank in the previous week. A look through recent video film of customers entering the bank helped identify the culprit.

- The English company which offered £500,000 for Barrington's Hospital has now increased its bid to £600,000. It has also assured the Board of Governors that it will continue to use the building as a hospital.

- The PMPA insurance company is to be sold to Guardian Royal Exchange. The deal needs Government approval which is expected to be forthcoming. A new company is to be established and capitalised at £25m. This company will own the existing PMPA business and good will. It will then be sold for £87m and the proceeds will help to pay the people who lost money in the collapse of PMPA six years ago. PMPA has returned to profit in the last year or two.

- It became known during the week that a Government Minister was planning to attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York. When opposition TDs learned that Minister for Finance, Albert Reynolds, was going to be on the New York reviewing platform, they were more than generous in their advice to him. Not one of them wanted to see him tainted with links to Noraid. The parade's Grand Marshal was interviewed on RTE radio. She admitted that she had attended Noraid dinners but said that she was not a member. Albert decided to risk it. The Taoiseach supported him when questioned in the Dail, saying that Mrs Cudahy had said she did not support violence.

- A Dublin development company was awarded £1.75m compensation in a claim against Dublin County Council. The company had been refused planning permission seven years ago. (The law has since been changed to prevent theses types of claims being made).

- Captain James Rickard of Howth was the skipper of the chemical tanker which exploded off the coast of Japan. The entire crew of 23 lost their lives.

- Patrick Byrne (44) a native of Tulla, Co.Clare was beaten to death on a London street last Saturday. The Police described the attack with a piece of wood as "brutal, apparently unprovoked and violent".

- There are now 113 outlets where unleaded petrol can be obtained in Ireland. This is expected to increase to 200 by the summer. Irish motorists are not taking to lead-free petrol as quickly as the Government or the oil companies would like. Only 1% of petrol sales are lead-free. The oil companies have asked for a further reduction in tax to promote sales but the Minister for the Environment has ruled this out. For a limited period Shell has reduced the price of lead-free petrol by an additional 15p.

- A new fortnightly newspaper has been launched. "Alpha" has been described as radical with a Christian perspective.

- The Cheltenham National Hunt Festival took place during the week. The usual number of Irish race goers went over for the event but were out of luck as, for the first time in 42 years, not one Irish trained horse won a race.

- The Star newspaper, which claims to have an Irish edition, must not have any Irish reporters involved in its publication. During the week the paper ran a story on Mayo TD, Enda Kenny. Throughout the report he was referred to as "she" and, to prove this was not just a misprint, on one occasion he was called "Ms Enda Kenny".

- Family history researchers can call in at the Genealogical Office in Dublin and have a half hour consultation with a specialist for £10.

- The 1988 Tipperary Peace Award has been won by the Soviet President Mr.Gorbachev. The Soviet Ambassador to Ireland accepted the award at a ceremony in Tipperary town. This award does not carry quite the same prestige as the Nobel Peace Prize but was taken seriously enough to be reported throughout the media and the Irish Times printed a photograph of the Ambassador talking to one of the organisers.

- The film version of Hugh Leonard's play "Da" opened in Dublin during the week. Martin Sheen and Barnard Hughes play the leading roles. The film has been very favourably received.

- Anti-nuclear protesters turned out in force early this morning to disrupt attempts of the USS Yorktown to dock at Cobh. The protesters chained themselves to the dock-side bollards and later to the ship's gangways. As a result of this it took four hours to dock the destroyer which is here on a courtesy visit. A spokesperson for the protesters said that the ship had a nuclear capability. Local business people in Cobh are most upset that these protests are taking place.

- The Irish Open Wet Fly competition which was to have been held on Lough Corrib over four days next weekend has been cancelled because of the rod licence dispute. A protest of anglers who are happy to pay for a rod licence is taking place in Athlone today. Now this evening we have been told that 300 anglers met in Cong to consider peace proposals made by Fianna Fail MEP, Mark Killilea. The meeting lasted for 3.5 hours and the proposals were rejected on the basis that there was no confirm- ation that the Government would agree to Markeen's proposals.

> > > > > > > > > N O R T H E R N N E W S < < < < < < < < <

- The Belfast to Dublin railway line was closed again last Sunday after the IRA phoned to say that two bombs had been left on the tracks near Newry. The line spends more time closed than open and many people have been trying to figure the IRA's motives for the continued attacks. It is assumed that potential supporters of the organisation who use the line regularly must be getting very disenchanted. The Congress of Trade Unions believed they had came up with the answer. A spokesman said that illegal haulage contractors, with IRA connections, were making huge profits out of the need to transport goods by road. The IRA later issued a statement saying that they were attempting to draw the army out into the open.

- The American Consul-General in the North has apparently been making headlines in the Irish newspapers in the US. In an interview with the Irish News in Belfast he said that the MacBride Principles were "spreading like AIDS" in the US. He was also critical of the International Fund for Ireland. This item has been virtually ignored down here.

- On Wednesday a part-time member of the UDA was shot dead in Co. Tyrone. Ten minutes later three men were detained following a car crash a mile and a half from the scene of the killing. Three other people were arrested in Dungannon soon afterwards. I have not heard if these people were released, charged or detained without charge.

- The following day the IRA killed John Irvine outside his home in Belfast. Armed men tried to enter his home from the rear. He attempted to escape out the front but was shot dead. Irvine was one of a number of UVF members who were convicted on the word of "supergrass" "Budgie" Allen and later was released when the conviction was quashed. The UVF said that Irvine had cut his ties with the organisation five years ago.

- An SDLP politician said that this type of killing only leads to retaliation. Within 24 hours a Catholic Civil Servant was shot dead in front of his wife at his home in Glengormley. The RUC described the death of Niall Davies (42) as a "purely sectarian attack".

- Tonight there is a report of another sectarian killing in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. A 63-year-old Catholic has been shot dead by gunmen who broke into his home as he was saying the Rosary with his wife.

- Fr Neil Magill of the Columban fathers arrived home in Co.Derry on Saturday after being expelled from Taiwan. The authorities there apparently did not like the work he was doing with the under-privileged. He spent much of his time trying to organise a labour union to get a better deal for those on extremely low wages.

- Archbishop Robin Eames of Armagh, at a recent Anglican Synod, was appointed Chairman of a new commission to reconcile the differing opinions on women clergy. In this role he was at a meeting in Long Island during the week and is said to be returning with a confidential report.

- Former MP Owen Carron has lost his appeal against extradition to the North. He now has 21 days to appeal. Maze escaper Paul Kane found himself in the same position as Carron.

> > > > > > > > > G A L W A Y N E W S < < < < < < < < <

- Reporter Richard O'Shaughnessy clearly lacks the commitment for this kind of stuff. He appears to think it more important that he holiday in places like San Francisco, Boston and New York and has left me a note saying he will see me in three weeks time! I suppose he will settle down eventually!

- Galway Regional Hospital has changed its name to University College Hospital.

- If you were to drive (or walk) along Lough Atalia Road and looked over at Renmore Barracks you would see a fine new office block. This is the building that some two hundred civil servants from the Department of Defence will move into in about two months time. The keys were handed over to the Minister for Defence during the week.

- The GBC coffee shop has been refurbished and looks quite tasteful from the outside. The new decor, wood painted dark green, fits well with the traditional shop fronts of the city.

- The old mill at O'Brien's Bridge opened for business on Saturday. It is made up of many small shopping units, most selling craft goods. I had a look inside on Friday and was very impressed with the architect's attempt to maintain the old world decor. I am told that the view up the River Corrib from the third floor is quite remarkable.

- £750,000 is to be spent in constructing a bridge across the sea entrance to Lough Atalia. Work is expected to begin in three months. As far as I can make out the aim is to develop the docks area rather than provide an improved traffic flow for the rest of us.

- The City Tribune carries a report of an employment tribunal hearing where the former accountant with O'Gorman's is claiming compensation for loss of earnings after being dismissed last May. A director of the company says that the accountant's incompetence forced the sale of the business to Easons because of tax debts totalling £300,000. The accountant blames the difficulties on bad management going back long before he joined in 1985. The case was adjourned until May.

- Parking difficulties at Leisureland this evening turned out to be caused by the World Irish Dance Championships which started today and continue until next Sunday. I am not sure if they have been organised by the Official or Provisional wing of the dancing fraternity! From the number of little heads in curlers it would appear that hair style is as important as lightness of foot in the quest to increase the medal collection.

> > > > > > > P O L I T I C A L N E W S < < < < < < <

- Last week's Labour Party conference provided some interest which captured the main headlines in Monday's Irish Times. Leader Dick Spring decided to have a showdown with the left wing of the party. He supported Ms Niamh Breathnach for party vice-chairperson against the incumbent, Emmet Stagg, the TD for Kildare. Ms Breathnach won comfortably. Spring then called for a vote to have members of a sub-grouping within the party expelled. The members of Militant Tendency were to be given the option of staying in the party but resigning from the group. This motion was also passed with a comfortable majority.

Massachusetts readers may be interested to learn that the slogan for the conference was "Bread and Roses". This was taken from the rallying cry of mill-workers who held a prolonged strike in protest against conditions in the mills of Lowell, Mass., in the early part of this century.

- Pat Cox, the Progressive Democrat's party secretary, has been selected as a candidate for the Munster constituency in the European election.

- Proinsias De Rossa, TD has been selected to contest the Dublin constituency for the Workers' Party.

> > > > > > > D I G I T A L N E W S < < < < < < <

Four former Galway employees are on the move:

- Austin Dowling who has been in Reading for some years now has taken up a new role in Holland. He has just been appointed Finance Manager for the Digital Equipment Parts Center B.V. in Nijmegen.

- Francis Harte has just left Melbourne, and Digital, and is on his way back to Ireland. If there is anyone out there with a vacancy for a Field Service Engineer, Francis would be glad to hear from you. He is particularly interested in working in Ireland or Holland.

- I haven't heard what his new job is, but Derek O'Mahoney is now down in Valbonne. He has spent a number of years in Reading since leaving Galway.

- Only I met him at the parade on Friday I wouldn't have known that Mike Gallagher is back in Galway after a couple of years in Nijmegen.

- There is of course another man on the move as you will have gathered from the Wild Geese reports. I just cannot get any information on what his new job is to be.

- And now for an item which I should have carried some weeks ago but it was worth waiting to have the eloquence of Mike O'Grady's official comment:


On February 13th last the Galway, Ballybrit manufacturing business became the fifth Digital European plant to be certified as an MRPII Class A performer. What was unique about the event was the simultaneous receipt of the JIT/TQC Continuous Improvement Award, the first plant in Europe to achieve this distinction.

Galway is the largest, and most vertically integrated, facility to receive either of these awards and the blend of MRPII and JIT introduced novel challenges.

MRPII Class A is a recognition of world class manufacturing with excellence. It is achieved by consistent performance in thirteen key business areas embracing Top Management Planning, Operations Management Planning, Data Base Accuracy, and Operations Execution. Galway have been working towards this certification for the past two years, following the implementation of the base MRP system P.I.O.S. (Production and Inventory Optimisation System) Galway's major thrust in the program was performance in the areas of Customer Satisfaction and Asset Management.

The JIT/TQC award is a recognition for continuous and demonstrated significant improvement in the areas of quality cost, inventory utilisation, cycle time reduction and people involvement. These performances were facilitated by the formality and discipline of the MRPII approach, but called for the development and use of new execution methodologies (viz pull systems, small group improvement activities etc).

The twin programs have benefited the plant in all of the key business areas. Some of the improvements over the two year period include;-

o Inventory turns increased by 46% o Manufacturing Cycle times reduced by 55% o Internal Cost of Quality down 30% o 33% of plant population involved in semi-autonomous work groups.

Both programs involved the plant in a great deal of education, work re-design, and individual and group commitment. The investment in time and resources hasn't been for the purpose of award achievement only, but to position the business to build on its performance, and develop in the face of new competitive challenges.

The event itself was marked by formal presentations to Ed O'Connell, plant manager, by Mike Flaherty (Corporate MRPII) and Bob Parmalee (Corporate JIT/TQC). The entire plant population was addressed and all praised the commitment and demonstrated performance of the Ballybrit employees. Bruce Anderson (European Materials) noted the fact that this was a "hat-trick" for the plant, these two awards coming soon after the achievement of a '1' rating in the Internal Audit. Ed O'Connell spoke about his pride in the performance and about the significant challenges that lay ahead. He expressed confidence in the capability of the workforce to grow and improve performance in a continuous manner.


- More recently, Digital Mervue was involved in similar activity as the following quote from Kenn Farrell indicates:

"Congratulations to ESSB Mervue on their recent recertification (in MRPII Class A). Their focus on continuous improvement was very strong with a view towards creating a World Class Business. WELL DONE!!"

> > > > > > > B U S I N E S S N E W S < < < < < < <


IRISH POUND Mar 16 Mar 10

Sterling 0.8303 0.8349

US Dollar 1.4293 1.4331

Deutschmark 2.6714 2.6712

French franc 9.0396 9.0593

Dutch guilder 3.0144 3.0145

Belgian franc 55.93 55.93

Italian lira 1959.71 1959.76

Spanish peseta 166.13 166.31

Swiss franc 2.2976 2.2822

Austrian schilling 18.80 18.80

Canadian dollar 1.7103 1.1761

Australian dollar 1.7471 1.7403

- Aer Lingus is owed £10m by its biggest customer, Nigerian Airways, and has put all its maintenance contracts with the company into abeyance.

- Avonmore increased its offer for Westmeath Co-op to £14m. Food Industries disputed the way this was calculated, saying that the new offer did not match its bid of £10.4m. Both companies have full page advertisements in today's Sunday Independent in an attempt to woo the shareholders.

- Magill Publications has paid its tax bill and the Revenue Commissioners have withdrawn the petition to have the company wound up.

- One hundred workers at the EI plant in Shannon are to lose their jobs over the next year. The company says that the jobs of the remaining 180 staff are secure.

- More job losses are reported in Mayo where the Irish Country Bacon (ICB) company is closing its Castlebar plant. ICB is also closing its Claremorris plant for three months and the workers there have not been given any guarantees that their jobs are safe in the long term.

- Preliminary results from the Kerry Group show an increase in profit from £8.1m to £12.3m in 1988.

- Peter Sutherland's latest appointment is to the board of Cement Roadstone Holdings. He will be joined there by David Kennedy, the former chief executive of Aer Lingus.

- The Bank of Nova Scotia has announced its intention to set up business in the Financial Services Centre in Dublin.

- There was something about Chase Manhattan moving in also but I cannot find the reference to it now. Maybe it was just speculation.

> > > > > > > > > > > S P O R T < < < < < < < < < < < <

> > > > > > > > > > G A A < < < < < < < < < <

All Ireland Club Finals:

Football: Nemo Rangers 1-13 Clan na Gael 1-3

(Cork) (Roscommon)

Hurling: Buffers Alley 2-12 O'Donovan Rossa 0-12

(Wexford) (Antrim)

- The Northerners must have been very disappointed with the hurling final having taken a 5 point lead after just 8 minutes play. Tony Doran now has an All-Ireland Club medal to go with a series of All-Ireland medals which he started winning 26 years ago with Wexford minors.

National Football League:


Cavan 2-9 Derry 1-5

Play-offs: Wexford 1-7 Limerick 0-8

Tyrone 1-5 Leitrim 0-5

- Limerick still have to play Tyrone for a promotion place to division 2.

> > > > > > > > > > SOCCER < < < < < < < < < <

FAI Cup - Quarter Final Replays:

Cork City 1 Dundalk 0

Drogheda United 0 Bray Wanderers 1

Shamrock Rovers 1 Home Farm 0

- The draw for the semi-finals of the cup sees Derry playing Shamrock Rovers and Cork against Bray Wanderers. The finalists will be decided over two legs played on April 9th and 16th.

League of Ireland - Premier Division:

Friday: Bohemians 0 Dundalk 1

Cobh Ramblers 1 Shamrock Rovers 1

Derry City 2 Galway Utd 1

Limerick City 1 Cork City 1

Shelbourne 0 Athlone 2

Waterford Utd 1 St.Patrick's A. 2

Saturday: Athlone 0 Derry City 1

Dundalk 1 Cork City 0

Galway Utd Bohemians (postponed)

St.Patrick's A. 2 Shelbourne 1

Shamrock Rovers 0 Limerick City 0

Waterford Utd 1 Cobh Ramblers 0

> > > > > > > > R U G B Y < < < < < < < <


Wales 12 England 9

France 19 Scotland 3

Schools' Cup Finals:

Leinster: Blackrock Coll 28 Belvedere 16

Munster: CBC 9 Crescent Comp 12

Ulster: Methodist Coll 26 Wallace High 12

Glynn Cup: Corinthians 13 Galwegians 13

Selected Club Games:

Old Wesley 16 Constitution 3

UCD 26 Queen's Univ. 18

Portadown 7 Old Crescent 6

UCC 19 Oxford Univ 10

Highfield 10 Sunday's Well 9

Westport 6 UCG 12

Dublin Univ. 13 Oxford Univ. 3

Munster Senior Cup:

Young Munster Bohemians (postponed)

Dolphin 7 Garryowen 0

> > > > > > > > > > > ROWING < < < < < < < < < < <

- The Galway "Head of the River" was held yesterday. Neptune won the senior Elite eight. Shannon took the trophy for the schools' eight with a team from the Galway Rowing Club second and the "Bish" third.

> > > > > > > > > > > CYCLING < < < < < < < < < < <

- Sean Kelly finished fifth in the San Remo classic yesterday. He was 25 seconds behind the winner, Laurent Fignon.

> > > > > > > > > > > W E A T H E R < < < < < < < < < < <

After Sunday's storm, Monday turned out bright and sunny. Another storm crossed the country on Tuesday but Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were like Monday. Temperatures fell on Wednesday night and dropped further on Thursday night so that we woke up to a heavy frost on Friday.

Rain, promised for Friday afternoon, did not come in until some time early on Saturday. When it did arrive it stayed with us although we have had the odd dry period this afternoon.

Latest Temperatures:

Night 3C Day 8C

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