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TV3, Communicorp show interest in new radio licence | Print |  Email
Wednesday, 27 June 2007

TV3 and Denis O'Brien's Communicorp are among five bids for the multi-city radio licence on offer from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). The FM service will have a total base of 1.6 million listeners in Dublin city, county and commuter belt, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Clare. The BCI said today that the first phase of consideration of the applicants will take place in the autumn.

Those applying for the franchise are TV3 Television under the More FM consortium, led by Peter Ennis; Denis O'Brien's Communicorp has lodged a bid under the Legend FM consortium which is led by Ciaran Davis, Chief Operating Officer of Communicorp; Michael McNamara, a former RTE broadcaster, is behind another bid under the Cream consortium; Radio 3 under Dan Healy has a Galway address; and 4FM is headed by Martin Block.

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