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A visit to Dubai | Print |  Email
Thursday, 21 August 2008
Even though she's been in the Middle East since she was 15, graphic designer Niamh Foran still packs up her Barry's tea and brown bread when she returns from a visit home to Dublin.


What are you doing in Dubai?



I am a senior Graphic Designer in a design / advertising company based in Dubai, UAE. I have been working in Dubai since 1995.


Where are you from?

I call Castleknock, Co. Dublin home but as my Dad is from Leitrim and Mum from Wicklow, I have both the west and south in me!


How did wind up in Dubai?

I've lived in the Middle East since I was fifteen. Dad was based Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with Digital. When the family decided to move back to Ireland in 1995, I was offered a good job in Dubai. I promised Mum I would be home in a year but I've been here ever since! :(


What do you miss most about home?

Besides my family and friends, every time I fly back to Dubai, I make sure to stock up on my Superquinn sausages and rashers, Barry's Tea, brown bread and a smoked salmon (or two if I have room!)


How do you celebrate Christmas in Dubai?

I'm flying home this Christmas ­ really looking forward to getting home and soaking up all the atmosphere (and hot ports!) Mum always has the house looking really Christmassy and we always have a traditional family dinner. I'll be back in Dubai for the New Year party. Christmas in Dubai is what you make of it. The shopping centers try to create a festive atmosphere and all the hotels have special festive menus and events. We put up our tree and decorated last weekend and are planning a mulled wine and mince pie party with all our friends at our house before I fly.



Niamh & friends camp on beach
Niamh & friends camp on beach

What do you do for fun there?

Dubai is promoting itself as a major tourist destination in a big way; hence we have an amazing selection of five star hotels and restaurants to choose from. A typical Thursday night out (Friday is our Sunday) might start out with a nice Thai meal and end up singing and dancing at The Irish Village pub. During this time of year (Oct - April), the weather is perfect to socialise outdoors so we camp on the beach, have bbqs at home, concerts (recently we had Elton John and Jamirequi), lots going on!


How did you hear about the Irish Emigrant?

Liam Ferrie, a good friend of my Dad's from Digital, Galway, started The Irish Emigrant in the early 80's. In the beginning, he sent it to Dad and Pat Crawford in Digital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and to some Irish Digital employees in the US. Dad used to print it off each week and bring it home to us, so that is where I first read The Irish Emigrant!

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