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The Tan War, Ballyovey, South Mayo - Michael Lally | Print |  Email
Tuesday, 02 December 2008

Michael Lally's father, Tom, played an important role in his home area of South Mayo in the years ofthe_tan_war_ballovey.jpg the War of Independence, and shortly before he died he broke a lifetime's silence to tell his family details of those years. Through exhaustive research over a ten-year period the author has given a feeling for the passions of the time, and the enormous courage of young and old, male and female, in their attempts to free Ireland from British rule.

Tom Lally was motivated to give an account of the fight against the Black and Tans to ensure that those who dedicated themselves to the fight would be remembered, saying, "It would be a shame and a disgrace if these names were to be forgotten". Illustrating his work with a wealth of material, from photographs to lists of combatants to reproductions of statements made following the action, Michael Lally has indeed done justice to his father's wishes. He has ensured that all those who took part in the ambushes at Partry and at Tourmakeady have had their stories told and their memories honoured.

(Michael Lally, Online purchases from T.J. O'Toole, Tourmakeady, email )

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