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Thursday, 06 December 2007
Irish Emigrant Publications is Ireland's longest-established Internet publishing company. The Irish Emigrant, our weekly newsletter covering Irish news, is the oldest Internet-based national news service in the world. (Read our first edition.)
Liam Ferrie, founder and publisher, began writing the Irish Emigrant in 1987, to keep his overseas colleagues at Digital Equipment Corporation informed of all the Irish news. The readership grew quickly as readers forwarded copies onto their friends working in other high-tech companies and in universities. When Digital closed its manufacturing plant in Galway in 1994, Irish Emigrant Publications was set up as an independent company, quickly becoming one of Ireland's most important online publishers.

We are based in the heart of Galway City, on Ireland's west coast. Our newsletters are read by tens of thousands of email subscribers in more than 140 countries.

If you've ever been to Boston or New York, you've probably seen that distinctive green newspaper in nearly every Irish bar. That's our hard copy version, published in those cities by Donegal man Connell Gallagher.

We were recently called "the one bright star on the Irish internet scene" [Irish Echo, April 2001]. Publishers Liam and Pauline Ferrie won the 2003 Golden Spider Award for Significant Contribution to the Internet in Ireland. Publisher Liam Ferrie was the first winner of the Irish Internet Association Net Visionary Award, in 1999. We've also been nominated for two Zeddy awards (2001), a Golden Spider Award (2000), and the Irish Business Website Award (1998). Liam Ferrie was named one of the Top Ten Galway People of the Year in 1999.

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