Other media news: RTÉ, new radio licence
Wednesday, 26 April 2006


RTE achieved an annual surplus of more than €9m last year, boosted by strong advertising income and resurgent ratings successes, particularly among youth audiences. According to accounts submitted by the national broadcaster to the Department of Communications, profits were up by more than 30% from 2004's €6.8m after tax. Most media coverage of this story noted that RTE was implementing redundancies just four years ago. Although competition in the marketplace increased last year with the arrival of additional broadcasters and channels, RTE managed to retain most of its market share while also growing revenues beyond €360m, up more than €20m on 2004. RTE is funded by both advertising sales and licence fees: every household which has a television set is obliged to purchase a licence, which currently costs €155.


The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland has revealed that three separate groups are now in the running for the new youth radio licence for the southwest. They are Spin FM, Denis O'Brien's Dublin-based radio station; a consortium of mostly Munster-based businesses and individuals, led by Cork broadcaster Red FM, Thomas Crosbie Holdings (TCH) and a representative of the Limerick Post; and Fresh FM, comprising a range of shareholders from the media, hospitality and business sectors, including publican Louis Fitzgerald and Eircom deputy chairman Con Scanlon.

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